Tonicka Kombucha
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REAL KOMBUCHA TAKES TIME brew, that is. In fact, we won't release a bottle until it has gone through at least eight weeks of brewing and fermentation.

Rest assured however, that ordering Kombucha is much quicker. You can jump straight to our Online Shop if you'd like to get ordering! We highly recommend a Kombucha Subscription if you'd like to ensure a constant supply to your home or office. Alternatively, take a journey with us as you scroll down the page.

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Kombucha Explained

Kombucha is a passion for us. In fact, we are purists when it comes to the ancient brew. Our hand-crafted, fermented beverage is brought to life using time-honoured, traditional methods. This means that our kombucha takes longer than most to produce - in fact, we won't release a Tonicka beverage to you without a minimum of 8 weeks of brewing and fermentation.


Our Kombucha

Tonicka Kombucha all started from humble beginnings with our Traditional & Original, however these days there are six different flavours to choose from and a growing distribution across Australia and even internationally. Every Tonicka fan we talk to has a different reason as to which flavour is their favourite, or a different meal they like to pair it with. Embark on your own Tonicka journey today.                                                                      


our mission

We'RE ON A MISSION TO show the world that raw, organic and healthy drinks can also taste amazing. Like, really amazing!

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