Cooking with Kombucha: healthy, delicious and different!


When was the last time you incorporated something genuinely new and interesting into your regular cooking repertoire? Well, you can thank us later for not only adding a new element of taste to your kitchen, but one with remarkable health benefits too.

Thankfully, the world has increasingly wised up to the one-two punch of Kombucha as a beverage option, with its delicious taste, coupled with a prebiotic and probiotic boost for your gut health. You've read the title to this article already, so you're well prepared to have your mind blown: did you know that Kombucha not only can be a refreshing drink, but can also be used in your cooking?

That's right, there are plenty of creative cooks out there who are putting their favourite brew to good use in the kitchen. Take for example the author and blogger, Jerrelle Guy, who had the idea for a twist on traditional Irish soda bread. She enjoys making plant-based recipes and saw an opportunity to make vegan, probiotic-loaded muffins, using Kombucha. 

“I knew that the carbonation and the acid in the Kombucha would react with the baking soda because of the concept behind Irish soda bread and beer bread,” says Guy. “And I thought Kombucha sounded a lot more fun than soda, so I just experimented with it!”

Grab yourself a bottle of Traditional & Original TONICKA Kombucha and put it to work in this Kombucha Muffins recipe. (Hot tip: make sure you have a second bottle nearby, to keep yourself refreshed).

Once you've made your friends and family happy with a batch of delicious muffins, you'll no doubt be enthused to create even more artistry in the kitchen. How about Bananas Brûlée with Mulberry Kombucha and Toasted Hazelnuts?

Plenty more ideas, here and here.

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Mark Schiralli