If you really want sugar, eat it


Sugar has become such an ingrained part of the modern diet for so many of us. It's on television, in print media, on billboards, all over our supermarkets and of course, it's made our way into our kitchens.

Unfortunately though, increasingly we're becoming aware of the health dangers attached to excessive refined sugar consumption. Films such as the recent That Sugar Film and campaigns like I Quit Sugar are educating us all on what sugar does to the body. Excess calories can lead to obesity and diseases like cancer. 

Despite this, some would argue that they simply can't turn their backs on the sweet stuff that makes up such a significant part of their lives. 

Now there is research that may indicate that drinking sugar is much worse for you than eating it. To be specific, US researchers have found that there is a much stronger link between drinking sugary drinks and heart disease, than there is in eating sugary foods. 

Source:  Choice

Source: Choice


The above infographic of various popular drinks shows the amount of sugar that consumers are perhaps unwittingly consuming on a regular basis. Along side it to the right, we have presented the comparably low (to zero) sugar levels in TONICKA Kombucha and our Origin Brews cold brew coffee. 

As you can see, there are healthier alternatives to the high-sugar drinks that many of us drink, often without real thought as to the long-term health impacts. The unfortunate results of sugar-laden drinks can be greater than simple weight gain - they can lead to disease and even death. 

What does all of this mean for the average punter who just wants to enjoy their life? Consider taking action toward healthier alternatives. Look at lower sugar drinks and if you really have a strong craving for sugar, the research seems to indicate that opting for a sweet food treat might make for a better option than a sugary drink. If you really want sugar, eat it.

Mark Schiralli