Kombucha Consternation for Co-Workers


Kombucha just keeps on growing in popularity. We hear increasingly more stories of the love that people have for the delicious and healthy brew.

The latest example of passionate kombucha fans comes from well-known co-working space, WeWork in San Francisco, California. The co-working venue recently swapped out their in-house beer taps for kegs of kombucha in order to comply with alcohol licensing laws - a fine choice if you ask us here at Tonicka.

However, WeWork possibly hadn't accounted for how popular the addition of kombucha would be. According to Business Insider, the general manager of WeWork NorCal explained, “our members absolutely love the cold brew coffee and kombucha, so we run out of it really quickly!”

"We close them after hours, and we close them when they are empty so that the handles don’t break from people excitedly trying to extract every last drop. We replenish them as often as we can, but it’s hard to keep up!” he said. 

Who can blame them for wanting more?

Here at Tonicka Kombucha, we have all manner of restaurants, cafes, health food and grocery stores, and even gymnasiums and offices who love stocking our kombucha. Some opt for bottles, and many love the idea of having a constant flow available on tap

Contact us to find out how to get started with a flow of the beverage that has the punters crying out for more!

Mark Schiralli