Dan Murphy's now featuring Tonicka Kombucha

Dan Murphys Tonicka.png

We want you to be able to experience the thirst-quenching deliciousness of Tonicka Kombucha whenever the feeling takes you. With that in mind, we're excited to announce our new partnership with Dan Murphy's.

The beverages super-store not only is now offering the full range of Tonicka flavours in 330mL bottles via their online store, but they are featuring them prominently in their "Connections" range. The range is an opportunity for online customers to "discover something special", including "rare, bespoke and limited edition products" - a category that Tonicka clearly fits into nicely!

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Of course, you can continue to order Tonicka directly from our online store, or by walking into your friendly local cafe, health food store or bar (if not, ask them why not!), but we're rather chuffed about introducing our brews to a wider audience via Dan Murphy's and allowing customers to order online alongside their other goodies!

Check out the full range on the Dan Murphy's website.

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Mark Schiralli