Not All Kombuchas Are The Same


Here at TONICKA, we are always thrilled to hear tales from people who are fans of Kombucha. Their numbers seem to be growing by the week. 

The recognition and popularity of Kombucha is attributed not only to its delicious taste, but also to the health benefits that so many people ascribe to it. Of course, given the ancient history of the brew (dating back over two millennia), the stories and beliefs attached to Kombucha's wellness yields are rich and varied. They range from general feelings of contentment right through to protection from cancer and disease.

Unlike many other beverages on the market, fans of Kombucha are renowned not only for enjoying purchasing the drink, but enthusiastically home-brewing their own. It's a fun and rewarding process, experimenting with SCOBY and the infusion of various flavours.

Whilst it's a great hobby, as with any form of home-brew, it does come with its risks. Above all, many home-brewers fail to ferment their brews for the correct length of time. This can result in unacceptable or unknown alcohol levels. Equally, there is always a risk of carelessness or unhygienic conditions creating an unsafe or pathogenic outcome. 

We have a slogan here at TONICKA, "Not All Kombuchas Are The Same." We don't just say it to be elitist or to promote how amazing our brews taste - there's more to it than that.

The thing is, there are so many variations of Kombucha brewer out there, that you simply don't always know what you're getting. Amazing taste is one thing, however, consistent makeup of each beverage from a nutrients and alcohol-level standpoint is another. 

We take this stuff very seriously. We understand that when fermenting with sugars and yeasts, there are inherent dangers that come with alcohol levels. There is a certain measure of science involved in measuring and maintaining every batch before it ends up in the pro-biotically enhanced guts of you, our lovely customers.

TONICKA has invested in our own in-brewery lab equipment to test our Kombucha before it heads out into the world in beautiful bottles and kegs. This is a level beyond which many other Kombucha brewers - commercial or hobby - will go. However, we believe it is entirely necessary to ensure that our customers are safe, healthy and happy.

We mean it when we say, Not All Kombuchas Are The Same.

Mark Schiralli