Keeping your Kombucha a secret


You know what it's like when that little "best kept secret" of yours gets out in to the mainstream? Sometimes it's that little neighbourhood restaurant you love, which suddenly becomes impossible to get a table at after it gets featured in Broadsheet. Perhaps the secret little free parking spots you frequent get discovered by others. 

Then of course there is that delicious and nutritious beverage that you have loved for years, which suddenly is getting not only national, but international recognition.

It's not like Kombucha is new; nor has it been an entirely underground movement. However, for many fans of the tasty brew, it has been a relatively under-appreciated and niche pursuit to be a Kombucha-lover. And for many, that feels deliciously satisfying. 

Sharing food and drink tips with friends, family and colleagues is fun. There's the recognition that you're onto something that few others are. However the flipside is that, the more people who find out about your favourite secret, the less unique it becomes. 

Kombucha is undergoing a renaissance of exposure in that regard. More and more people are discovering it as a brilliant alternative to sugary drinks and alcohol

We're starting to see it featured in mainstream newspapers on a regular basis and it even popped up as the answer to a question on Millionaire Hot Seat the other day (featured in the photo above). 

How does it make you feel to see the rise and rise of the 'buch? Does it excite you, or do you feel like your awesome little secret is being almost stolen away from you? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section on Facebook.

Mark Schiralli