What is the fastest growing drink on the market?


We know. You're fans of the 'booch. That's why you're here.

However, do you realise how dramatically our numbers are growing? We like to keep you abreast of all things happening in the world of Kombucha - after all, we eat, DRINK and sleep this stuff. 

We've written recently about the struggle that some have with "their secret little drink" becoming more well-known. Of course, we've also mentioned the reported health benefits of the mighty brew.

Clearly the word is starting to spread, as we as a society get more serious about reducing our sugar-intake and about shoring up our gut health. Mainstream media, such as news.com.au are well and truly onboard with the trend, as this article attests

Growth in Kombucha is outstripping all other drinks (source: News.com.au)

Growth in Kombucha is outstripping all other drinks (source: News.com.au)


In fact, as you can see from the graph above, quoted in that News article, growth of Kombucha consumption is at viral levels, with daylight running second. More and more, people are making the switch away from carbonated, sugary soft drinks, with Kombucha the main target.

As you'd expect, we love to hear this at TONICKA. Our vision is for a nation (and world) where overly-sugary drinks are a thing of the past and where we all focus on our gut health - without having to sacrifice taste along the journey!

Next time you're looking to convert your friends and family to the delicious brew, if looking out for their gut health doesn't do the job, maybe you just need to let them know that it's the trendy thing to do!

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Mark Schiralli