5 Tips To Stay Healthy In Winter


We all know that Winter can be a terribly susceptible time for our human bodies to succumb to coughs and colds and other nasties. However it doesn't have to be that way.

Taking on some simple precautions can not only get us through the colder months in one piece, but even allow us to enjoy and flourish through the middle of the year. We at TONICKA love to look on the brighter side and turn challenges into positive experiences!

Here are five ways to celebrate Winter without it taking a toll on you:

1. Move More, Differently

It might sound counterintuitive, but Winter is actually the perfect opportunity to get more movement into your lifestyle. Now is the time to take up yoga, stretching or an indoor-exercise routine. The reality is, it's only natural that we want to go outdoors less and less during the colder months, however contrary to stereotypes, it's actually an opportunity to move more, rather than less. 

A lot of people see Summer as the time to get outdoors and exercise, but inevitably instead use that great weather to get out and socialise. Instead, whilst everyone else is hibernating, take the golden opportunity to take up yoga or another indoor routine. Watch those instructional videos on your living room big screen and get moving. Your Summer bod will thank you.

2. Maintain Your Gut Health

We know that the cold months are the time we are at our most prone to picking up colds, the flu and all manner of "lurgies." To battle them, the best thing you can do is to keep your defences up. Specifically, boosting your gut health through a regular intake of Kombucha is just the tonic!

Of course... heading out to the shops and grabbing your TONICKA might seem like hard work at this time of year... that's why we have launched our amazing Subscription offer! As of just a couple of days ago, you can get 3 x 750mL bottles of Kombucha to your door for just $19.50! You choose the flavours. You choose whether you want it weekly or fortnightly. 

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3. Watch Your Portion Sizes

It's so tempting to go for big, stodgy food as you're curled up at home - or possibly over your work lunch break - when it's cold outside. So often we opt for huge servings of warm carbohydrates and other "comfort foods" to combat the uncomfortable cold.

Foods such as potatoes, pasta and rice are of course great in small, measured portions, as part of a balanced diet. The trick is to not go over the top with them in Winter. Instead, look to control your portion sizes and fill the gaps with nice warm vegetables - a fantastic source of vitamins and antioxidants to pair with your Kombucha gut-health boost!

4. Take Time To Meditate

We talk about athletic and physical health a great deal. However mental and spiritual health is equally important for a completely balanced and healthy whole.

One of the best ways to preserve our health when our bodies are under physical stress is to maintain a strong mind. Regular meditation is one such way to build mental resilience and clear our minds of negative thoughts. Many report amazing flow-on benefits to their physical health as a result.

5. Add Some Layers

It might seem incredibly obvious, but one tactic in Winter that is lost is the art of adding layers of clothing. We Australians live in a country with a moderate to warm climate and as a result, so many of us simply forget how to dress warmly.

Adding additional layers of clothing keeps our natural body warmth in, aiding in maintaining our health. An added important benefit of rugging up is reduction of the need for artificial heating via air conditioners and heaters - a great way to save money and the environment.

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Mark Schiralli