Do You Know What's in Your Kombucha?

Isn't this how we all drink our TONICKA?

Isn't this how we all drink our TONICKA?

Brewing Kombucha comes with responsibilities. We are well aware of both the privilege and responsibility that comes with being your trusted source of the might brew, here at TONICKA.

Did you know that alcohol is a by-product of fermenting Kombucha? More importantly, when some Kombuchas are left out of the fridge or not cared for properly, they can turn dangerously alcoholic. Not ours though!

In NSW it is legal to sell Kombucha to kids and pregnant women up to an alcohol level of 1.15%. We think this is somewhat risky.

Risky, not just for little ones and expectant mothers, but also for those driving or that require 0% alcohol (BAC). There are a multitude of other reasons people choose to abstain too.

During our lengthy time in the industry we have seen Kombuchas containing up to 3.5% alcohol and beyond. While it is fun brewing, it comes with immense responsibilities also. This is not lost on us. We brew TONICKA to a national standard of 0.5% and test everything for your safety -  but importantly also, for your peace of mind.

We have perfected our brewing so that even if ours is left out of the fridge it won't become alcoholic. It's "shelf stable"! Notwithstanding this, TONICKA is so true to form that you can literally use ours to grow your own. Six years of brewing experience has allowed us to bring safety, craft and health altogether to create an remarkable little drink called TONICKA Kombucha.

How do we do this? What sets us apart, you might ask? As compared to your garden-variety Kombucha brewer, we at TONICKA have a lab set up, dedicated to ensuring a maximum of 0.5% alcohol in our brews.

We are so confident in our brewing techniques that my partner drank TONICKA throughout her pregnancy and our daughter started drinking (sips) at 10 months young. Of course, we respect that everyone makes their own nutritional decisions based on advice from their healthcare professionals, but this is a testament to the faith we have in our delicious and healthy beverages. You wouldn't expect any less when we're serving them up to you with such fervour, would you?

NEWS ALERT! Mark it in your calendars. 3:33pm on 20 August is the time to get online for the exciting launch of the TONICKA Kombucha Subscription service!

We wouldn't make such a big deal about this for no reason though. There will be some very delicious and nutritious incentives to be one of the first onboard - we're talking about FREE... or extremely close to. 

Want to be reminded about this and can't rely on your Google Calendar? We don't blame you. Head to to put your name on the mailing list to be reminded to grab your delicious bounty when the time rolls around.

"Why did they choose 3:33pm?", you might ask. There are two gut-healthy reasons why:

1. 333 is the bus to Bondi - that's where we first started serving our tasty drinks to a highly-receptive public at the Bondi Markets.

2. 3:33pm is around that time of the afternoon where you really need a refreshing pick-me-up, are we wrong?

Head to now! 

Anthony Stevenson