7 Reasons Why Aussies are Registering for Kombucha Subscriptions

Surely you've heard the news? We recently launched our TONICKA Kombucha Subscriptions service!

The reception was pretty amazing. So much so that we were slightly shocked by the initial influx of orders. That's now under control and we're excited to be delivering super-healthy and amazingly-tasty TONICKA to the doors of our loyal customers across the country.

Perhaps you're new to the concept and haven't got your order in yet. Therefore, you've come to the right place, as we outline the top seven reasons why Australians are getting onboard and subscribing, to receive Kombucha deliveries to their door every week or fortnight.

  1. No More Aching Backs!  Yes, you know what this is all about - those sore hands, backs and feet that come from lugging your weekly supply of Kombucha back from the supermarket or health-food store. As our world is vitally important to us, we only sell TONICKA in glass bottles, which of course can get a little heavy when you try to carry three x 750mL bottles at once. Delivery to your door alleviates this problem! 
  2. You Know Your Brew is Safe. We've spoken about this here on the blog previously, but still it's fair to say that many people are unaware of the risks attached to some home-brew Kombuchas. Alcohol levels can rise to unsafe or unacceptable levels in some situations. That's why at TONICKA we employ our own lab to ensure that our brews meet our strict requirements, every time.
  3. Save Money! This one is a drawcard for so many people. We've created a super-special offer for our Subscriptions service. You get 3 x 750mL bottles (you choose whichever flavours you want) for only $19.50... and you can add additional bottles for $6.50 each. It's a bargain! (Particularly when you read #4).
  4. Free Delivery to Sydney's Inner West. Yep, you read that right. Given we are based in Marrickville, we thought it would be nice to do something for the locals and make delivery absolutely gratis to the Inner West. The rest of Sydney's Metro Area gets delivery for a flat rate of $5 too! We deliver to the rest of Australia for a reasonable $15 flat rate.
  5. Greater Gut Health. Why is this all the way down at number 5? Fire that guy writing the blogs! Nothing else really matters when you consider the remarkable health benefits to your blog through the pre-biotic and pro-biotic goodness contained in our brews. Want to know more? Read on here.
  6. Simplify Your Life! We all have so much going on these days. Our minds are a cloud of tasks, distractions and obligations. It's so easy to forget to get everything when we are out at the shops. Why not remove one important thing from your shopping list, by ensuring that you have a tasty, healthy drink rolling up to your doorstep every week (or fortnight, if you're a slow drinker).
  7. It. Tastes. So. Good. If you've tried TONICKA, you know that it tastes pretty amazing. With the range of flavours we have available, and the ability to mix and match your Subscription order to suit your tastes, it just makes sense. You can even adjust your flavour combos from week to week via our online Subscriptions portal.

Seven pretty convincing reasons, right? We can't wait to see you hit our dispatch list for the next round of Subscription deliveries that we pack every Wednesday. Head to our Subscriptions site to select your flavours!