4 Essential Ways to Ensure Your Kombucha Fix in Australia

TONICKA fans tell us all the time that they want to be able to enjoy their Kombucha wherever they are across Australia. In this modern multi-channel era, near enough isn’t good enough - they tell us that they simply don’t want to settle for another brand of Kombucha.

Whilst this poses a challenge for us, we don’t mind that at all - and we love the passionate enthusiasm from our loyal TONICKA family. We’re here to provide you with great gut health, packed with delicious flavours.

With all that in mind, here are four ways to make sure you can lock down your TONICKA Kombucha fix whenever you want to:

  1. Head to your local health food store or organic supermarket and pick up a 330mL bottle off the shelf. You’ll love the fact that you’re drinking something healthy, whilst out and about. Of course, the flavour won’t do you any disservice either! Oh, and if your local shop doesn’t stop TONICKA, ask them why not! (And tell us about it).

  2. Go and get yourself some TONICKA on tap from one of many places across Sydney. We’ve done the hard work for you and put together an article listing out a great variety of places across Sydney (and even one in Melbourne), where you can get TONICKA Kombucha on tap.

  3. Ask one of your friends to cook something delicious (and nutritious) up, using Kombucha as a key ingredient. Yes, we know you were thinking about ways to drink this delicious brew, but why not even give your gut a boost with one of these Kombucha recipe ideas.

  4. Easiest of all: get TONICKA Kombucha delivered to your door every month via one of our great Kombucha Subscription memberships. Rain, hail or shine, you don’t need to worry about lugging heavy bottles back home if you’re subscribed with us - you’ll get 6 x 750mL bottles to your door every month… at a bargain price too! Build your dream subscription here.

We’re always looking out for our fans. Speaking of looking out, keep an eye out for the deliriously delicious new flavours we are dropping from time to time, exclusive to our Subscription members. The “Surprise Me” option is the one to opt for!

Mark Schiralli