Kombucha on tap: the growing trend amongst cafe, restaurant and bar owners

A recent TONICKA Kombucha tap and keg installation

A recent TONICKA Kombucha tap and keg installation

Cafe owners. Restauranteurs. Bar proprietors. We’re talking to you!

As an Australian café, bar or restaurant owner you’re constantly challenged by the complex balancing act of offering cutting edge product, whilst also remaining as profitable as possible. Competition in the food and beverage service industry is as tough as it comes, so when a solution to both of those challenges comes along, you take notice.

Giving you a point of difference with healthy margins

The latest trend in the hospitality scene is Kombucha on tap. We’re seeing that an increasing number of business owners are relying on TONICKA Kombucha served by the glass as a sizeable portion of revenue.

The exciting thing is that not only does Kombucha provide a healthy point of difference to the standard offering of soft drinks and water, but it also provides you with healthy margins!

“Some clients are now pouring in excess of 6 kegs per week. This make a huge difference to their bottom line”, shares our co-founder and head brewer Anthony.

“In the seven years we’ve been growing TONICKA, I’ve never been more inspired about the buzz around Kombucha. When people go out, they’re excited to be drinking something different – not what you can get from every corner shop,” he says.

Teaming up for something special

Making your menu stand out can be difficult. We have clients come to us from time to time wanting something custom, to match their menu or offering. Occasionally we even custom-make flavours. Sea Salt Society in Manly is a great example. We teamed up and made them an extra-punchy Ginger Kombucha - now they have an amazing Gin Kombucha Cocktail!

What is the missing piece in your menu’s puzzle? We’re passionate about creating winning solutions for you and your customer base. Let’s talk.

At the end of the day, business is both about making money and relationships

We know that running a profitable business is paramount. We get it. That’s what makes the margins offered by Kombucha on tap so attractive.

There’s more than this to business though. The relationships you have with your partners, and how they’re perceived by your customers are becoming more and more important.

You may have seen that the multinationals are buying into the growing Kombucha trend. Without naming them here, all of the big names have bought into the Kombucha scene, taking over the big brands.

TONICKA Kombucha are a fiercely independent, Aussie family business and will continue to be. What does that mean to you though?

Firstly, it means that when you get your taps set up on your premises, it is most likely you’ll be dealing directly with the brewers and owners themselves.

Secondly, let’s not underestimate the growing groundswell of support for ethical, independent businesses. Your customers value where their drinks come from and who makes them. We pledge to always make you proud to display TONICKA taps in your café, restaurant or bar.

We have a range of tap system and keg options available. Click here to take the first step to unique beverage offerings and higher margins.